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London Native American Film Fest Seeks Films

Posted in Events, Festivals, Film by hollywoodhula on June 3, 2008

Native Spirit Film Festival

Native Spirit Festival 2008
Film & Video Festival of the Indigenous Peoples of the Three Americas
London Oct 08
Deadline: 31 Aug 08

Call For Entries
Native American films come to screens around London this Spring at the second Native Spirit Festival, founded in 2007 by Mapuche artist Freddy Treuquíl to educate the British public about indigenous life and issues in the Americas.

Directors and Producers are invited to submit films on DVD, any year of production.

As severely under-represented people in the global film and media industries, the festival is seen as a much-needed platform to celebrate and explore indigenous life and demonstrate that although these communities are culturally diverse, they share common views and plights; above all, their unique spiritual relationship with the natural world and their struggle to maintain their cultural identity in the face of modernisation and the encroachment of mainstream western culture.”


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  1. Elsa J said, on September 11, 2008 at 3:28 pm

    I realize this a bit late, however I just spotted your event on the web today. Are you still looking for Native American films to feature at your film festival?

    Elsa Johnson
    Navajo Nation
    Scottsdale, AZ USA

  2. hollywoodhula said, on September 17, 2008 at 5:52 pm

    Suggest you check out the website and contact info at http://www.nativespiritfestival.com/index.htm

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