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Living Pono

Posted in Film, People by hollywoodhula on March 19, 2008

Living Pono

Hawaiian screen icon Jason Scott Lee (Rapa Nui, Dragon, Lilo & Stitch) shares his philosophy of sustainable living, Hawaiian-style, in a documentary currently in production.

Bay Area filmmaker Rick Bacigalupi follows Jason around his farm on the big island of Hawaii, from lo’i (taro patch) to lua (outhouse). The farm is based on natural farming techniques developed by Japanese agricultural sensei Masanobu Fukuoka, and on traditional Hawaiian principles of environmental stewardship.

“Living pono benefits everybody, and this is how the Hawaiian people and a lot of other indigenous people were able to survive for centuries, thousands of years, in the same locale, in the same place, on limited resources,” says Lee.

The project has support from Hawai’i Public Television, but director Baci seeks help from sponsors and “viewers like you” in getting the film finished and on PBS.

Living Pono website

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