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London Native American Film Fest Seeks Films

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Native Spirit Film Festival

Native Spirit Festival 2008
Film & Video Festival of the Indigenous Peoples of the Three Americas
London Oct 08
Deadline: 31 Aug 08

Call For Entries
Native American films come to screens around London this Spring at the second Native Spirit Festival, founded in 2007 by Mapuche artist Freddy Treuquíl to educate the British public about indigenous life and issues in the Americas.

Directors and Producers are invited to submit films on DVD, any year of production.

As severely under-represented people in the global film and media industries, the festival is seen as a much-needed platform to celebrate and explore indigenous life and demonstrate that although these communities are culturally diverse, they share common views and plights; above all, their unique spiritual relationship with the natural world and their struggle to maintain their cultural identity in the face of modernisation and the encroachment of mainstream western culture.”


Older Than America

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Older Than America

California Sneak Preview

A woman’s haunting visions reveal a sinister plot to cover up atrocities at a Native American boarding school.

Older Than America is a suspense drama made by Tribal Alliance Productions with a mostly native crew and cast. Veteran actress Georgina Lighting (Cree) writes, acts and directs a heavyweight American Indian cast including Tantoo Cardinal, Wes Studi and Adam Beach. Producer/writer is Kristine Kunewa Walker (Hawaiian) whose credits include Factotum and American Splendor.

The film will premiere at the SXSW film festival in Austin, Texas. Los Angeles area viewers get a sneak peek at the new thriller on Feb 27 in San Bernadino.

Sneak preview:
Weds 27 Feb 6pm
Santos Manuel Student Union Theater
California State University San Bernadino
RSVP to 612.822.5659

Preview the trailer

San Bernadino screening

Memorial 2007

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American Indian producer/director Phil Lucas and Maori actor/director Don Selwyn were pioneers in the native film movement.

Both were prolific filmmakers and teachers who broke new ground and mentored the next generation of talent.

Phil Lucas
1932 – 2007

Post your tribute for Phil here.

Don Selwyn
1936 – 2007

Post your tribute for Don here.

Fests Want Films

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Ethnic & indigenous film festivals in Canada and USA seek submissions.


Weeneebeg Aboriginal Film and Video Festival
Moose Factory Ontario
6th annual: March 5-9 08
Deadline: Dec 20 07

Grassroots community festival in James Bay area of Northern Ontario screening films about indigenous life by native filmmakers. May be the only native film fest with bear-hunting and ice-fishing.

Fred Rickard



Global Green Indigenous Film Festival
Santa Fe New Mexico
Inaugural: April 18-20 08
Deadline: Jan 18 08

National Tribal Environmental Council (NTEC) and New Mexico Tourism launch the first global green indigenous film festival screening at El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe. Programming films and videos that address indigenous environmental concerns and issues.

Charmaine Jackson-John


LA Skins Fest

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Native American filmmakers are doing it for themselves with the premier of two new short dramatic films at the inaugural Los Angeles Skins Festival.

Kalani Queypo (Hawaiian, Blackfeet) wrote and directed his first short Ancestor Eyes, winner of the 2nd Annual Creative Spirit Script to Screen Competition produced by Inter-Tribal Entertainment. Veteran actress Tantoo Cardinal (Cree) plays the mother of a dying woman.

Co-Creative Spirit winner is Two Spirits : One Journey, a tale of Lakota love which dare not speak its name, written by first-timer Shawn Imitates Dog (Oglala Lakota).

An enthusiastic crowd of Hollywood skins (plus a few PI relations) packed into Paramount’s Sherry Lansing Theater for the Nov 10 screening.

The films are a project of the Southern California Indian Center, which serves as a hub for Indian Country L.A.


Coconuts & Indians

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PI Filmmakers at AIFF

Pacific Islanders screened films in the 31st annual American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco Nov 2-10. Both are award nominees.

Sarah del Seronde (Dine) and Paul Stoll (Tongan) debuted Making the River, a documentary tracing the protracted legal battles of American Indian prisoner Jimi Simmons. Nominated for Best Documentary Feature.

Karin Williams (Aotearoa/Cook Is) screened Yukon Circles, documenting tribal environmental protection on the Yukon River in Alaska and Canada over the past decade. Nominated for Best Documentary Short.