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Nesian 101

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Nesian Mystik breaks it down

Nesian Mystik’s new single breaks down urban Aotearoa Polynesian culture for its growing global audience.

Rapper Sabre, aka Feleti Strickson-Pua, tells Spasifik Magazine that when traveling overseas they found fans didn’t know much about the band’s culture, “so it’s going back to the basics of who we are.”

Lyrics celebrate their Auckland roots in Samoan, Tongan, Aitutaki (Cook Islands) and Maori cultures, where you can “spot the Polys from a mile away” in their white-on-white sneeks, aloha shirts, socks with jandals and “that greenstone around your neck”.

Luke Sharp is the video director. “We asked him for a video that was alive, bright and vibrant … that people watching and listening could relate to,” says Sabre. “For example, palagis might not understand some of our lyrics talking about island food,” in their paean to fried corned beef, two minute noodles, one-dollar chips and a free cuppa tea.

Nesian 101 is the first single from their forthcoming album Elevator Musiq due out soon.


Pollywood Film Fest

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Pollywood six08

Nine movies by Nesians and one Chamorro screen at Pollywood Six08 at various venues across Auckland through 20 March 08.

Craig Fasi curates the world’s only current festival devoted soley to Pacific Islander films – this year featuring drama, comedy, experimental and documentary.

Films include Nice Jacket by Mishelle Muagututi’a and Pos Mavaega about Pacific artists, plus Pollywood’s first piece by an overseas director, Alex Munoz’s Hurao, a one-minute experimental art film shot on Guahan/Guam.

Pollywood Six08 media release

Short Word with Craig Fasi at NZ Film & TV Blog

TV3’s Pacific Beat Street hits up Pollywood 08 Premier

Report from Cerisse Palalgi at Otara screening:

These films really stood out for me:

Love Struck by Jane Akamoeau, a love story that ended in tragedy but with a unique twist. I was trying to hold back the tears at the very end.

Tau’olunga by Evanjica Isoa-Pau’u. A young half-caste Tongan girl, learning a traditional Tongan dance, encounters racial abuse towards herself & her palagi mother from her father’s Tongan family.”

Tonga at All Roads

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Stuck in the taro patch again with tinned fish for lunch when all you want is corned beef

Director Paul Stoll (Tongan) serves up scenes of Tongan life in his short feature Tavake, featured in National Geographic’s All Roads Film Festival at Los Angeles, Washington and Santa Fe, Nov-Dec 2007. Paul and partner Sarah Del Seronde (Dine) shot on location in the kingdom with non-professional actors for his first narrative film.

Also screening at All Roads is Tearepa Kahi’s spectacular short feature Taua. Maori warriors and slaves drag a giant waka taua (war canoe) over a mountain in a sort of South Pacific Fitzcarraldo. Both films also screened at Hawai’i International Film Festival.

Pollywood Seeks Shorts

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Aotearoa’s Pollywood Pacific Island Short Film Festival seeks submissions from Pacific Islander filmmakers for its 6th annual event screening in Auckland early March 2008.

The festival puts Pacific Island stories, culture, ideas, lifestyles and visions on screen. Pollywood 2007 featured Maree Webster’s Like Milk, about a young woman coming to terms with her skin color, and Miki Magasiva’s Rites of Courage on Pacific tattoo traditions.

Deadline is Dec 15 2007.

Send tapes to: Craig Fasi, Curator, 16 Church St, Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand (pollywood@orcon.net.nz).

Pollywood Submissions