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Directors James Sereno and Alex Munoz work with incarcerated youth at Hawai’i Youth Correctional Facility to create original films (faces are blurred to protect the kids’ indentities).

Photo: Liza Simon for Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

Chamorro filmmaker Alex Munoz brings his pioneering program, Films by Youth Inside (FYI),  to Hawai’i. Twelve teens made two movies in two weeks. The films will screen in Honolulu in early March.

Incarcerated youth get new focus on life through film
Ka Wai Ola, Office of Hawaiian Affairs

Troubled teens make movies
Honolulu Advertiser

FYI Front Page

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Director Alex Munoz

Films by Youth Inside in LA Times

A film program created and run by Chamorro producer/director Alex Munoz is featured in the Los Angeles Times front page Column One.

Munoz’s FYI: Films by Youth Inside teaches filmmaking to youth incarcerated in California corrections camps. He plans to expand the program to Hawai’i and Guam in 2008.

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